Shiloh Relief

Project Description

Shiloh Relief – Approximately 10 years ago Shiloh Relief started informally as SARFAT, a sublet of Community in Action (now Shiloh Food) to provide “monthly hampers” for families that struggle to make ends meet. Realizing that our efforts are very small drops in the big bucket of poverty and that proverbial bucket has many departments (no income, low income, victims of disaster, moms with new-borns, pensioners, terminally ill etc), we took up the mandate to create a lifeline for struggling households.

We have a Medical Section at Shiloh Relief where we supply people with Hospital Beds, wheelchairs, crutches, bed pans, etc. at a very low rate in order to assist households to look after and nurse a terminally ill family member.

Shiloh Relief is currently operating from 5 Primavera in Brackenfell. (Close to our head office in Dirkie Uys street Protea Heights, Brackenfell).

Motivation – 56% of the population in the Western Cape has no source of income. Social security is a fundamental human right, yet more than half the population does not have the resources to provide for themselves or their families.

Goal – We aim to partner with local businesses (corporate and retail), NPO’s, churches, individuals and local media to address the very real need in and around the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Eliminating the possibility of a stampede and utter chaos, Shiloh Relief will not deal directly with the public but will partner with churches, NPO’s and Shiloh’s own structures for the distribution of goods.

What do we need:

Donations of any house hold goods and non-perishable food etc.

Donate towards struggling families

Donate Cash

Donate Cash

Donate Goods

Donate Goods