Shiloh Education


Our vision is to reach one million disadvantaged children through an excellent education.

Approximately 4 million children under the age of 7 in South Africa are not attending pre-schools. This puts them at a significant disadvantage on their first day of primary school and for the rest of their lives, in effect making them vulnerable.

We cater for vulnerable children between the ages of 3 to 6 years. All children enrolled at a Jubilee Excellence School across the country receive education of excellence, nutrition and care on a daily basis.


Teachers are recruited from the community where the school is based, the majority of which, previously unemployed ladies.

The recruited ladies will receive 10 weeks of JES (Jubilee Excellence Schools) training before they are placed in a classroom. Our training focusses on holistically developing ladies whilst taking background, context and challenges into consideration and prioritising each person’s spiritual and emotional welfare. After successfully completing the training the Shiloh Education team offers continuous in-service training and monitoring.

These teachers in many instances do not have access to the internet, library, magazines or other information resources. The curriculum is therefore designed to teach the children the correct use of the provided equipment.  The children are taught through continuous interaction (or play) with equipment.  Continuous learning happens through the work with equipment so learning is not dependant only on the teachers, but happens even when they are not directly present.

After the initial ten week training, teachers are enrolled for either their Level 4 or 5 ECD qualifications after which they are ready to enrol for a B. Ed.


We realise the importance of focussing on your niche as well as the need to dovetail services with partner organisations. Shiloh creates a footprint of trust in the community opening the door to various partners to bring expertise to further develop individuals within communities

Each Shiloh Project, such as Shiloh Food, Shiloh Relief and the Interns programmes, has various strategic partnerships.