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Shiloh Wallacedene

Shiloh Wallacedene

Project Description

Shiloh Wallacedene - Wallacedene is an informal housing settlement in the eastern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa. In 2011 the population of Wallacedene was 36 583 and the number of households was 10 392.

Shiloh’s involvement in Wallacedene started more than 20 years ago. At this moment Shiloh is busy erecting 2 new pre-schools in Wallacedene. This will enable 320 children between the ages of 3 and 6 to attend.

Jubilee Excellent Schools - The unique J.E.S curriculum will be used at these schools. This curriculum aims to prepare children not only for primary school but for life. They are taught how to deal with situations they will encounter. Attention has also to be given to their needs on a wider spectrum than merely the intellectual. The programme is aimed at all infants in Wallacedene: Afrikaans, Xhosa and English speaking, between the ages of 3 and 6 years. The qualities will be noticeable from the moment one arrives, as their motto states, cleanliness, excellence and orderliness.

Our Vision - These 2 new pre-schools won’t only benefit the children. Women will be taken from the community to be trained as teachers, providing more than 24 employment opportunities.  The first 4 classes will be up and running in January 2017.

For more info contact project manger Sarina van Heerden cell: 076-831 2346

Project Manager: Sarina van Heerden
Cell: 076 831 5346
Shiloh Church: Past. Nanda Govender
Cell: 084 910 0569
Physical address: Site 2, -  24556 Mtyombile Street, Wallacedene Kraaifontein 7570                    
Physical address: Site 3 -  Mbeki Street, Wallacedene, Kraaifontein 7570


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