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Get Involved

Get Involved

How can you become involved ?

We invite any person to become involved with Shiloh Initiative and our projects. If after reading our Vision and Mission, you feel comfortable with what we stand for, we will welcome you with open arms.

You can get involved by becoming a Donor, a Sponsor or a Volunteer. Let us explain the difference:

  • Being a Donor : Financially donating to the Shiloh Initiative administration fund. The money will be allocated to the general management and priority needs of the Shiloh projects.
  • Being a Sponsor : Financially sponsoring a specific project. Your sponsorship will be exclusively used for the specific project and you will receive feedback on any progress on the project. You will also have full rights to view the allocation of funds for the project.
  • Being a Volunteer : Volunteering your time and energy to a Shiloh Syenegy project. You will be kept informed of the progress on the project and be invited to any event happening on the project. You can also register to only receive the newsletters.

Should you be a registered user already, just go to the project and choose how you want to become involved.
Should you register as a Sponsor, our Administrators will contact you to give you financial clearance.



Our Bank details is as follow:

Bank Name : First National Bank
Branch : Willowbridge
Branch Code : 210655
Acc No : 62264338643 (current acc/Cheque)
International Swift Code : FIRNZAJJ461


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